2000 stones

    • One Asscher-cut emerald, 4.05 ct
      Two emerald-cut emeralds, 7.89 ct and 9.08 ct

    • One pear-cut emerald, 27.95 ct

    • Two emerald-cut emeralds, 14.52 ct and 19.69 ct

    • One brilliant-cut emerald, 11.30 ct

    • One brilliant-cut emerald, 2.62 ct
      One emerald-cut emerald, 1.97 ct
      One oval-cut emerald, 1.83 ct
      One fancy-cut emerald, 1.84 ct
      One cushion-cut emerald, 1.61 ct

    • Three emerald-cut emeralds, 3.36 ct 2.20 ct 1.51 ct

    • One cushion-cut emerald, 9.19 ct

    MUZO enjoys a reputation as a gemstone brand capable of developing specific cuts and collections in accordance with the particular requests of its clients. Each MUZO emerald is crafted by the gem-cutters to highlight its unique personality. Its facets are skillfully sculpted by the Muzo master gem-cutters to accentuate the depth of color and purity of the emeralds. Some gemstones are cut in the classic manner (such as emerald, pear or cushion cut), while others take on more unexpected shapes (triangle, octagon, hexagon, etc.). Yet all gemstones demonstrate Muzo’s expertise in gem-cutting and come with the in-house Muzo certification. The most prestigious stones are also certified by various international laboratories. The collection is now comprised of more than 2,000 exceptional gemstones.

  • En la colección, figuran los cristales MUZO, auténticos milagros de la naturaleza que se formaron hace 65 millones de años. Su carácter único reside en una forma hexagonal casi perfecta, combinada con dimensiones fuera de lo común y una transparencia única. Muzo es la única mina que produce piedras en bruto tan excepcionales. Las piedras en bruto ocupan un lugar de honor en las formas de la Alta Joyería y los más bellos ejemplares se reúnen para dar lugar a una colección.

    • Five Asscher-cut emeralds
      3.24 ct, 10.32 ct, 7.78 ct
      3.44 ct, 2.18 ct

    • Two pear-cut emeralds
      5.66 ct, 5.57 ct

    • Three oval-cut emeralds
      4.15 ct, 3.64 ct, 9.79 ct

    • Nine pear-cut emeralds
      6.74 ct, 2.72 ct, 2.24 ct
      3.30 ct 3.04 ct, 2.66 ct
      2.34 ct, 2.09 ct, 2.06 ct

    • Five cushion-cut emeralds
      22.75 ct, 10.85 ct, 10.42 ct
      11.03 ct, 10.32 ct

    • Four emerald-cut emeralds
      3.19 ct, 2.63 ct
      7.75 ct, 5.65 ct

    • Four emerald-cut emeralds
      18.92 ct, 13.66 ct
      14.95 ct, 13.70 ct

    • Six emerald-cut emeralds
      12.10 ct, 11.52 ct, 9.32 ct
      9.73 ct, 6.63 ct, 8.79 ct

    The art of assembly. MUZO presents combinations of several emeralds in different cuts, colors and/or color shades. Each gemstone resonates with the other crystals, forming a catalog of ideas for designers. The center stones and the surrounding emeralds subtly balance one another in an endless succession of sparkles. The whole collection is worth far more than the sum of its emeralds. The gemstones featuring in these layouts all hold several certificates.

  • Stone collection

    The MUZO collections pay tribute to the timehonored legacy of sumptuous creations inspired by the green gem that spans centuries and continents. They present several thousand emeralds, to serve as inspiration for designers and jewelers. Just like a catalog of ideas, it reveals inspiration for creations such as geometric jewelry sets, floral necklaces, or extravagant solitaires or rings.

    • Pear-cut pairing, 14.63 ct and 14.4 ct

    • One Asscher-cut emerald, 17.91 ct

    • Baroque-cut pairing, 27.59 ct and 25.17 ct

    • Emerald-cut pairing, 42.25 ct and 40.41 ct

    • Hexagonal-cut pairing, 8.51 ct and 8.46 ct

    • One Asscher-cut emerald, 35.14 ct

    • Pear-cut pairing, 42.66 ct and 41.46 ct

    Masterpieces are characterized by their shape, great weight or exceptional shade of green. The rarest emeralds combine all three criteria, such as the marvelous examples of the current collection: two emeraldcut specimens of 40.41 carats and 42.25 carats. These exceptional gemstones come with a certificate from GemTech, as well as the internal MUZO certificate. These are completed by well-established and reputed international certifications such as SSEF, GRS, AGL and Gübelin.

    • Cabochons, 132.65 ct, 3.32 ct, 5.92 ct, 8.11 ct

    MUZO’s creative extravagance comes into its own with its cabochons, the oldest style of gem cut. Pear-shaped, round or hexagonal emeralds are polished into a dome. On the inside, their jardins are enhanced as if viewed under a magnifying glass. MUZO is also returning other types of cabochons to favor, such as the “sugarloaf”, which features four, six or eight cut sides.